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Hot gay twinks, Corbin Colby and newbie Evan Parker, who are both fit as fuck, star in this latest gay twink movie by Helix Studios, and it shows just how flexible these guys really are.

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Corbin Colby is a nineteen-year-old twink from Virginia Beach. He is a former wrestler and dancer, and an ex-MMA fighter. He has a beautiful lean, smooth body with a couple of tats, and he has a juicy firm ass. Corbin is five feet ten inches tall with brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is versatile with an eight-and-a-half-inch cock.
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Evan Parker is in his first gay porn twink video where he gets his tight ass well and truly fucked. He was a gymnast for five years and has a nicely toned body that is smooth all over. He is five feet nine inches tall, has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and he is a hungry bottom boy with a six-inch dick that never goes soft.

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Corbin Colby and Evan Parker are outside showing off their gymnastic skills to each other as they play around in the Helix Studios – – park. They are both winners as they end up with each other and start kissing under a tree in public. As they feel their cocks rising, they decide to take it somewhere a bit more private.

They go straight into the bedroom, and straight into each other’s arms as they kiss passionately on the bed. As they kiss, Evan pulls up Colby’s top and kisses his small dark nipples and all over his tight abs. As they kiss once more, Corbin pulls down Evan’s loose-fitting shorts and fondles his naked firm ass, which makes Evan’s cock pulsate with lust.

Evan, who loves cock, slides Corbin’s pants down, and strokes lovingly on his beautiful thick dick. He takes their tops off, and as he goes down on his knees, Evan licks and slurps on all eight and a half inches of Corbin’s powerful boner. Corbin sighs with excitement as Evan makes a meal out of that cock and sucks it down to his short and curlies.
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After some amazing cock sucking, Evan turns over onto his hands and knees, and as Corbin prises those golden globes open, we get a good look at his shaved asshole that was ordered from Helix Studios. Corbin licks it all around the outside as he teases Evan’s hole, and as Evan pushes his peach shaped ass up in the air, Corbin goes straight in there with his probing tongue. He savours the flavour as his tongue goes in and out, and Evan can’t stop groaning with desire. Corbin then gets to grips with Evan’s cock, and once it is covered in his spit, he once again turns Evan over, and his dick slides into Evan’s ass without any resistance. Evan looks seductively into the camera, and his eyes glaze over, and Corbin bangs his gay ass hard and raw.

These two twinks show us just how flexible they are as they fuck like animals, and in all kinds of erotic positions. Evan Parker ends up on his back with his legs in the air, and Corbin excites him even more as his cock hits all the right places deep inside him.

With a loud shout, Evan’s sizzling twink juice pours out of his pulsating cock and splashes over his smooth young flesh. Corbin Colby feels his twink dick expanding as he feels Evan’s ass going into spasms around it, and as he pulls out, his dick explodes like an erupting volcano over the well-fucked Evan.

Helix Studios certainly picked the right guys for this gay porn vid. With their wrestling and gymnast-trained bodies, there is almost no position these sweet young twinks can’t get into, and they seem to have an endless supply of stamina, and cum. This is an award-winning site that films in HD and Helix Studios continually excite us with a new scene going up at least once a week. More Here

‘Twin Peaks Part 3’ is a gay teen sex movie full of cum and with a twist of a good thriller. It stars Joey Mills, Blake Mitchell and young cutie Tyler Hill, and it has been filmed by Helix Studios and released by 8teenboysex.

The Story of This gay teen porn video

The mystery thickens in Twin Peaks as Joey Mills is picked up by the young sheriff Tyler Hill and his special Agent Blake Mitchell. Nobody knows what happened to Noah Jones since his strange and mysteries disappearance in part 1, and as people want answers, Joey Mills is going to be interrogated until every hole has been uncovered and filled in.
Noah’s body gets found wrapped up by the sea under Twin Peaks, and as Blake Mitchell and Tyler question Joey Mills, they find out that Noah’s boyfriend was having sex with Joey Mills the night he disappeared. As the plot thickens, so does everyone’s cocks, and Blake Mitchell tells Joey Mills that he wants to help him out.

Blake gets his already hard cock out of his pants, and after Joey Mills gives it a stroke, he gets his own pants down, and Blake starts sucking on his cock as Tyler watches. Joey Mills groans out with excitement as he feels Blake’s warm hand gently squeezing his big balls, and as Tyler watches, he soon gets naked. With Blake sitting down on a chair, this turns out to be a great cock sucking scene as he continues giving Joey Mills a blowjob, and Tyler gets down and sucks on his.
As they get more and more excited, the cute and smooth Tyler is bent over the table. Blake spreads his gorgeous young ass wide open, and as he sinks his meaty thick dick into his ass, Tyler greedily sucks on Joey Mills’s rock-hard cock at the same time.
They swap positions, and Joey Mills is soon pounding his juicy dick into Tyler Hill’s fucked ass, and as Blake watches, he soon wants the same treatment. Joey Mills sits down, and Blake Mitchell rides his cock until he is ready to bust his nuts.
Tyler gets on his knees, and they all jerk off in a circle until Blake and Joey Mills shoot thick creamy cum over Tyler, and Tyler is the last one to cum as hot cum dribbles down his twinky young body.

The Gay Teen Porn Stars

Joey Mills is a gorgeous young hunk with a hairy body and a cheeky face. His brown eyes look like he is going to get up to mischief at any time, and almost has that naughty schoolboy look. He is an all exclusive star to Helix Studios, and he has been in forty-two hardcore gay vids for them so far. Joey Mills is five feet eight inches tall, has black hair, and he is a versatile top with a juicy thick cut eight-and-a-half-inch cock and an amazing tight ass.
Blake Mitchell is slightly hairy with a good swimmer’s body and beautiful blue eyes. He is five feet eleven inches tall with brown hair, and he is versatile with a six and a half inch cut dick.
Blake has starred in twenty-four movies for Helix Studios, and his first movie with them is called ‘Taking Down The Conservatives Part 1.’ With Eddie Walker.
Tyler Hill is a cute twink with a smooth, slim body that has a few tattoos. He has a beautiful face and looks just old enough to be excepted into college. He is five feet nine inches tall with brown hair, innocent looking brown eyes, and he is an eager bottom with a six and a half inch cut dick.
This is Tyler’s second hardcore gay porn movie, and in his first movie ‘Bath Time’ he gets his sweet tight ass drilled deep and hard by another all exclusive star to Helix Studios, Dennis West.
Twin Peaks is a great gay twink series with an interesting storyline full of suspense, thrills, and lots and lots of hardcore fucking with hot young men. The location is amazing, and the quality of Helix Studios’s movies are of the highest. They have won award after award, and are one of the most famous gay networks around today.…

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